The Keep it in the Ground Fund is managed by the Leave it in the Ground Initiative (LINGO), a registered non-profit in Germany which has been working on turning off the tap since 2011. For more information on our work, please refer to the LINGO website.

If you are concerned about the climate crisis, you know that we have limited time to turn the ship around and steer clear of run-away climate change. In fact, we may already be observing the beginning of the climate system of our home planet spinning out of control! The faster we stop burning fossil fuels , the greater our chances of survival and thriving as a human family on a beautiful planet.

And what is the fastest and surest way to stop burning fossil fuels? Turning off the tap! But governments don’t even talk about oil, gas and coal at the UN climate talks. The Paris Agreement does not mention these three with one word! They somehow try to block up the holes. And it’s not working. Trump is going even further in the opposite direction, wanting more fracking, more coal mines and more offshore drilling!

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Image Credit: http://www.kyoto2.org

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