Divest and Adopt a Struggle

The climate emergency is on. Just stopping to throw oil (or gas, or coal) into the fire is not enough. We need to put out the fire. You haven’t done all this successful work on divestment, just to go home now and watch the pollution industry burn the planet, have you?

Credit: Bold Alliance

Divesting is the first step, the second is to actively stop the fossil fuel industry and everyone addicted to their products from consuming our future.

You know about the urgency of the climate crisis and you have helped others get the memo. Now it is time to take the next step and put some of your money into stopping new fossil fuel projects. We propose to use a percentage* of the money you divest to support keep it in the ground struggles. We suggest to not just give money, but rather adopt a struggle against a big fossil fuel project – and help it succeed. Through a personal relationship you can offer additional non-financial support (connections, advice, spreading the word) to help these frontline efforts succeed.

There are several benefits:

  • much greater impact than divestment alone (each of the projects we support aim at stopping millions of tons of CO2)
  • if you are doing divest-invest, your new renewable energy investment will fare better, if its fossil competition is stopped
  • co-benefits such as preserving biodiversity, furthering international solidarity
  • be true to your values, by taking action at the level required by the climate emergency

Maybe we are preaching to the choir, and you are already involved in struggles to keep it in the ground. Great, keep going and make sure you win! If not yet, the Fund can help you adopt a struggle. Check out our projects or get in touch.


*We suggest 0.1% if you are divesting a billion, and 100% if it is your own money and the climate emergency keeps you up at night.