Project: Stop oil exploration in Lake Malawi

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Beautiful Lake Malawi supports a huge endemic biodiversity and lots of fisherfolk. We want to keep it that way and stop planned oil exploration in the lake. Our Malawian partners are spearheading efforts to build a united front against oil exploration in Lake Malawi. After the 2019 elections, they will be mobilizing university students, parliamentarians, local communities and national NGOs towards a national conference later in the year.

CO2 to keep in the ground: 614 Million tons (Source: USGS, Lake Malawi Assessment Unit)

Project cost: 25,000€

Project: Climate Litigation in Mexico

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Science has established that 90 corporations, the so called Carbon Majors are responsible for two-thirds of human-made CO2 emissions. That global warming results in tangible damage is already clear. What we need in order to shut down the biggest fossil fuel companies are damage lawsuits where companies have to compensate those who suffer the impacts of warming, for example through hurricanes. With a pioneering lawsuit in Mexico we want to establish a precedent which can serve all those who receive climate impacts due to global warming to file their lawsuits and claim compensation, too.

Project cost: 4,000€

CO2 to keep in the ground: 40400 Million tons (Source: LINGO)

Project: Climate Bailout

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With our partner, the World Future Council, we are proposing to get central banks involved in driving the energy transition and get the pollution industry out of the way. A climate bailout can replicate what has already been done (for banks), generate dozens of billions of Euros per month and turn the financial incentives for the fossil fuel industry on its head. This approach has the potential to unblock the stalemate of pro-climate and pro-fossil forces.

Project cost: 50,000€

CO2 to keep in the ground: 2000 Gigatons

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